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ABOUT Bowman

Bowman International, the home of genuine innovation, bearing performance and product availability

Bowman International is proud to offer its customers a comprehensive portfolio of bearings and precision-engineered sintered and 3D printed components, including a range of world-first innovations that are unrivalled by any other market leader, including our self-lubricating BowMax and Oilite® Bearings, plus our Advanced and SN/SD/SAF split roller bearings for high-load applications. 

Our three specialist divisions are united in delivering our mission of genuine innovation, bearing performance and product availability. 

Genuine innovation

To us, genuine innovation means taking a ‘blank page’ approach to solving a problem, assessing each component in turn and investigating ways to improve it for the good of our customers. 

This ‘blank page’ design capability is a prerequisite of all Bowman engineers, who work with the latest technologies, materials, prototyping and manufacturing techniques to create bearing products that are genuinely innovative. 

Bearing performance

Only by understanding the needs of our customers can we really appreciate the importance of bearing performance. 

From our two UK manufacturing sites in Oxfordshire and Birmingham, we manufacture products that outperform competing brands, so that our customers enjoy longer bearing life, higher load capacity, faster installation, stress free maintenance and lower running costs.

Product availability

Bowman is proud to hold significant stock inventory at strategic locations globally. This allows us to deliver the right bearing, quickly, no matter where you are located.

Our sales teams take a consultative approach to bearing specification on behalf of our customers, so that the right product is shipped, first time. 

An established business with over five decades of experience

Bowman International began as a niche bearing design consultancy in the mid-1970s, and has since evolved into a globally renowned innovator, manufacturer and distributor of bearings and precision-engineered, sintered and 3D printed components.

Over the years, Bowman International acquired the assets of multiple other bearing specialists, including John Handley Bearings and the MPC Sintering Company. These key growth phases further strengthened Bowman’s position within the market and enabled it to better serve customers from a range of rapidly developing and highly complex industries.

Three specialist divisions

We believe that nurturing specialist divisions rather than taking a ‘jack of all trades’ approach to the bearing market, sets us apart from our competition.

Arranging our teams in this way enables our colleagues to focus on their chosen bearing discipline, honing an advanced level of design nous and application knowledge to best serve our customers. Our divisions work collectively to innovate products that meet the needs of even the most complex applications, drawing on each other’s expertise to deliver unrivalled results.